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Dried Mealworms - Bag of 1 pound

Dried Mealworms - 1lbs

Our Dried Mealworms are 100% natural, high in protein and fat and delivers a full spectrum of vitamins. Our Dried Mealworms are a popular feeder insect for bearded dragons, bluebirds, chickens, fish, and many other animals.Read more »

Dried Superworms - Bag of 1 pound

Dried Superworms - 1lbs

Our Dried Superworms are giant mealworms 100% natural, high in protein and fat and delivers a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Our Dried Superworms are a popular feeding treat for fish and all insect eating animals.Read more »

Dried Waxworms - Bag of 1 pound

Dried Waxworms - 1lbs

Our Dried Waxworms is an excellent natural food source and a special treat that is soft, juicy and plump that animals just love. Our preservative-free and additive-free dried waxworms will help keep your birds healthy as wellRead more »

Dried Crickets - Bag of 1 pound

Dried Crickets - 1lbs

Our Dried Crickets provide you with a great way to add delicious flavour and extra nutrients into almost anything you can imagine. Throw a handful of roasted insects in your salad, soup, stew, or sandwiches for an extra crunch!Read more »

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